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First, a note: apparently my last post has caused controversy amongst readers. Reason #1: not everyone thinks you need to have a well-considered thought to post. Reason #2: some people thought I had given up on the 7-day blog post challenge. On the first matter, I’ll let you be the judge. On the second, I’ll clear up the confusion and say, not true. Giving up would be totally un-Finnish. Here is post #6, written at the request of Carolyn’s mom.

You’ll see a lot of this poppy print in Helsinki.¬† Marimekko Poppy PrintIt’s not totally unfamiliar in the States, either. The Finns are pretty proud of it. Marimekko, the Finnish design company, makes textiles, purses, notebooks, dinner trays, and umbrellas with this, its trademark pattern. It’s cute, bright, and cheery, and…I’m sick of it.

Marimekko seems to be a pretty big point of pride for Finns, and since Finns don’t say anything bad about Finland, I’m probably a total jerk for it. But, for me, Marimekko is Finland’s Vera Bradley, the maker of the quilted purses that somehow went from being my grandmother’s choice of handbag to every preppy teenager’s status statement. It’s cute at first, and then, you see it everywhere, and even if it’s a simple, nondescript item, you somehow know what brand made it.

That seems like such a common thing to Americans, right? Liking something until it gets too “mainstream,” too recognized. In America, it’s coolest to be ahead of the game, before your time, into something “before everyone else was into it.” Finns are very proud of Finland, though, and Finnish things that make it to the world stage are a pretty big deal for them. In Finland, you buy Marimekko goods because they’re nice, well-made, and because they’re Finnish. I’m not getting a big sense that¬† anyone is “so over” Marimekko. So I’m trying to gather…is this accurate, or am I missing things? How do trends “happen” in Finland? How does that influence consumption? Self-branding? Marketing?

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