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This, my friends, is the final day of my 7-day blog post challenge. I have reached the end.

Today is the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street in the US, and because it’s been adapted or rebroadcast in over 30 other countries, I decided to find out how it’s shown in Finland. The good news is that Finland does, in fact, have a history of showing Sesame Street, titled here Seesamtie. The sad news is that it was only a re-dubbing of the American version, and at that, it was only shown from 1997-2000. Actually, this information greatly distresses me. Do Finnish children not like Big Bird? Does the happiness of this show not jive with the melancholy of Finland? Perhaps it’s that the Finnish words are just too long for Sesame Street songs. I mean, really, can you imagine singing this song as, “Transylvaniassa, minä olen poika, meidän linna ole kylmä, mutta me emme ollut surullinen…yksi, kaksi kolme, levittää niemeen…”

Full admittance: I don’t know the past tense yet, so I “translated” this into the present. Also, it’s probably wrong, because Finnish is hard. Sadly, I couldn’t find a clip of Seesamtie. If only I were a child from 1997-2000…I would have learned Finnish from Evästettä Monsterin (Cookie Monster).

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