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This one’s on request of Suzanne.

From “Thirsty Thursday” in college to Thursday evening post-work happy hours, Americans seem to have declared Thursday the official weekday of drinking. It seems reasonable enough: just one more day in the workweek, so relax, have a drink, and stick it out for one more day until the weekend.

It’s not exactly a secret that the Finns enjoy a drink or two…or many, many more. However, the “official” happy hour, when drinks are cheapest here, takes place on keskiviikko [Wednesday]. Everyone goes out, enjoys themselves…and goes back to work for two more days.

Call me the ignorant American, but I don’t get it. It seems to me that with two more days of work in the week, it would be time to hit the books and get everything you haven’t finished yet done before the weekend (though perhaps this is just my workstyle). When everything is sort of set and you just need to tie up loose ends on Friday, Thursday seems like the evening you could, in good conscience, enjoy a beer at the pub.

Perhaps a Wednesday happy hour is what Finns might do when Americans just congratulate themselves on “hump day,” that is, the hump of the week (everything downhill from here). They can always keep up the celebration the rest of the week. And how they do…and that, my friends, will be a story for another day.


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