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If you were one of those people who looked at this blog over the past three days, perhaps you noticed that I did not live up to my 7-day blog post challenge attempt. I fail.

Simple explanation is, I was busy and just didn’t get to it. However, despite my enjoyment of the craft of writing, the truth is that writing every day is kind of…annoying? Hard? Draining? I have a hard time coming up with topics that aren’t a waste of time. Meaningful writing includes reflection, and often that’s best when done in consideration of experiences spanning a more significant period of time. There are plenty of topics I could reflect upon and discuss here, but they wouldn’t all have to do with Finland and living here. So, they don’t make the cut.

I’ll work on finding new and interesting topics. After all, exercising creativity was part of why Elle magazine horoscopes thought I should accept this challenge. But for now, I’ll stick with the parting notion that less is ever so often more.


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Last week I temporarily fled Finland to prepare for and attend my friend Leah’s wedding in Ohio.  After the reception, my other friends Maeve and Carolyn and I read advice columns and horoscopes in our hotel room, as is our tradition.

We consulted that great literary publication Elle magazine astrology for our weekend forecasts and advice. Unfortunately the online link has since changed, so I can’t show it to you, but I can tell you that Elle suggested that Virgos like myself begin a new outlet for sharing and expressing ideas. Specifically, it told me to start a blog, and to update it every day for a week.

I already have a blog. I can’t remember why Elle thinks I should update it every day for a week. But, Elle astrologers, I hereby accept your challenge. Reader, I can’t say I’ll write something long, insightful, or profound every day, but maybe you’re the better for it. See you tomorrow for post #1 of 7!

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